Peuwl Hero Block

For the Gutenberg Editor (WP 5+).

Peuwl Hero Block

A video tutorial is in the making!

This is a plugin I made because I wanted to exist. It’s a easy-to-use plugin with alot of costumization opportunities. No short codes, no settings pages – everything is just there in front of you on the page you’re creating in the Gutenberg editor.

The block basically works as a wrapper, letting you add what ever content you want using the standard wordpress blocks inside of it.

There are alot of settings, for example:

  • Content width (px) and max-width (%).
  • Content color.
  • Hero height (vh), max-height (px) and min-height (px).
  • Mobile hero height (vh), max-height (px), min-height (px) and the mobile breakpoint (px).
  • Choose between video hero, image hero and parallax image hero.
  • Fade in option, with duration settings.
  • Overlay and overlay color.
  • Parallax effect, with settings.

Some wordpress themes are shitty

So make sure you try the LITE version of the plugin before you buy the full version to make sure it works with your specific theme.

For this plugin you should have a full width template. And with that i basically mean a template without a sidebar.

This plugin will not work with the classic editor.

Some examples

You can choose between three types of hero section; Image, video or an image with parallax effect. See the following examples below.

This is a Parallax Image Hero.

This is a Video Hero.

This is a standard Image Hero.

Which is available for free in the LITE version.